Founder Priscilla Vilchis formed Premium Produce LLC, DBA REINA in 2013 for the purpose of providing patients in states with medical cannabis programs access to safe and efficacious cannabinoid products.

The Nevada-based Company applied for and obtained licenses for cultivation and production of medical cannabis and cannabis-infused products from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services in 2014. The competitive and rigorous application process drew more than 500 applications, and Vilchis was the first and youngest female minority CEO to be awarded two of the tough-to-get licenses.

The company has since constructed a fully compliant, state-of-the art cultivation and production facility in Clark County, Nevada.

In 2017, the Company was presented with the unique opportunity to become one of the first participants in the recreational industry through Nevada’s exclusive Early Start application process for existing medical marijuana establishments. As of March 2018, Premium Produce is dual-licensed in Nevada to commence medical and retail (recreational) operations for cannabis cultivation and production

Features of Premium Produce’s state-of-the-art facility include:

  • Custom-made environmental control system.
  • Failsafe CO­­2 delivery system.
  • Reverse osmosis water filtration system – condensed water from air conditioners/handlers is reused for growing.
  • Environmentally sustainable cultivation processes.
  • In-house testing protocol – all products are tested for potency and contamination.

The company’s flagship brand, “Queen of the Desert,” is currently launching in Nevada. Premium Produce’s unique products include the ‘Queen of the Desert’ edible line, Vape Pen line, ‘Kiss Meh’ THC Lip Balm, and CBD products. Premium Produce is proud to showcase a variety of high quality cannabis flower and cannabis-infused products that fit the needs of both medical patients and recreational consumers.

CEO Priscilla Vilchis is the driving force behind Premium Produce’s success. As Vilchis and Premium Produce continue to evaluate viable opportunities for market expansion, Vilchis now aims to bring her “Queen of the Desert” cannabis brand to her home state of California.

On April 17, 2017, Vilchis’s California company, Cali Premium Produce, submitted applications to cultivate, manufacture, distribute, and deliver medical cannabis in Lynwood, California. Vilchis was the only female to apply for and win a regulatory permit for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and delivery in the city of Lynwood. Premium Produce is now in the process of completing build-out of the facility and securing annual California state licenses for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and delivery.